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This site's vision: a world in which ticket scams fail because consumers are too well educated to become victims.

March 2017: The greatest musician in the history of rock and roll is coming to town. The show is sold out, but you know a guy who knows a guy with a web site, with awesome tix! Dude, nothing could go wrong. Could it?

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There are nasty people out there who want to cheat you out of your money. There are web sites that discuss the quaint art of the carnival huckster, using quaint words like scoundrel . But it's not so quaint when the same techniques are used to swindle some poor old lady out of six month's rent in a bank parking lot. (The picture of the ticket is not an example of a scam, it's just a ticket.)

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mission This site's mission: to educate consumers about the known types of ticket scams. This site focuses on individual ticket consumers to help them avoid transactions in which they pay money for tickets that aren't delivered or which don't give access to the expected events or services.

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