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Fish, Icthus 2 Fish, Icthus 2 (click for full size image)
A secret sign used by the early persecuted Christians to designate themselves as believers in Jesus. The initial letters for the Greek words for "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior", spell the Greek word for fish (see ICTHUS in the glossary).

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Chalice and Cross
Crown of Thorns and Nails 1
Crown of Thorns and Nails 2
Winged Creature with the Head of an Eagle, John
Jesus as a Palestinian
Gospel, Barnabas
All-Seeing Eye
Fallen idol, St. Cornelius
Prayer, St. Mary, wife of Cleophas (Cleopas)
Sheet music, St. Ambrose
Eight Pointed Star, Star of Regeneration
Nine Pointed Star, Star of the Fruits of the Spirit
Spoon, St. Raphael
Five Pointed Star, Epiphany Star, Star of Jacob 2
Five Pointed Star, Epiphany Star, Star of Jacob 1
Ship, St. Thaddaeus
Winged Creature with a Lion's Face, Mark
Keys, Peter
Lamb Standing with the Banner of Victory
Lily, St. Gabriel
Greek Cross
Scroll, St. Theodore of Canterbury
Pen and sword, St. Alban
1 Corinthians 10:18
Sheep, The Twelve Apostles
Andrew's Cross
Crucifix, St. Katherine (Catherine) of Sienna
Scale, St. Michael
St. George
Fish, Icthus and Cross
Upside down L with dots
Seven Pointed Star, Star of the Gifts of the Spirit
Arrows, St. Giles of Provence
Infant on Bible, St. Anthony of Padua
Elijah's Chariot of Fire
Celtic Cross, Cross of Iona
Dagger, St. Edward the Martyr
Chalice, St. Oswald
Animals, St. Francis
Eagle, St. Wenceslas
Ship, Jude
Fleur de Lis
Urn, St. Bede
Pillars, St. Athanasius
Bible, St. Denis (Dionysius) of Paris
Maltese Cross
IHS heart, St. Ignatius
Chalice, John
Tau Cross
Twelve Pointed Star, Star of the Apostles
Crown and palm, St. Dorothy
Daisies, St. High of Grenoble
Souls of the Righteous
Jesus and Children
Sword and Bible, St. Boniface
Ox, St. Antipas
Angel, female 2
Angel, female 1
Greek ruins, St. Titus
Stars with Orb, Star of the 12 Tribes
Bursting Pomegranate
Fire, St. Uriel
St. Augustine
Six-Pointed Star, Star of Creation, Star of David 1
Coins, St. Nicholas
Monk, St. Ansgarius (Anskar)
Open Bible
Bread, Philip
Knives, Bartholomew
Iron bed, St. Lawrence
Stag, St. Eustace
Christmas Rose
Skull and Crossbones
Shell, James (the greater)
Scissors, St. Agatha
Bible, St. Martin
Cross of Triumph
IHS ancient form
Scepter, St. Gregory
Purses, Matthew
Bible with Ax, Matthias
Crown, St. Louis
Anchor Cross
St. Andrew's Cross
Snakes, St. Hilda
Burning Torch
Ax and crown, St. Olaf
Chi Rho
Circle and Triangle
Spiked wheel, St. Katherine (Catherine) of Alexandria
Purse, St. Cyril of Jerusalem
Horn, St. Hubert
Snake and shamrock, St. Patrick
Stag, St. Aidan
Hand of God 2
Hand of God 1
Carpenter's square and flowers, St. Joseph
Three-Rayed Nimbus
Beehive, St. Chrysostrum or Chrysostom
Arrows, St. Edmund
Mother and child, St. Elizabeth
Cannister, St. Mary Magdalen
Ax, St. Cyprian
Fish, Icthus 4
Fish, Icthus 1
Fish, Icthus 3
Fish, Icthus 2
Horse, St. Theodore Tyro
Shepherd boy, St. Cuthbert
Hat, St. Roch (Rocco)
Michelangelo's God
Ladder Crossed with Reed and Sponge
Stool, St. Mary of Bethany
Seamless Coat
Easter Eggs
Monastery, St. Gerald of Auriliae
Mountain, St. David
Marian Cross
Alpha and Omega
Equilateral Triangle
Crown and Cross
Three Intertwining Circles
Tree, St. Bride (St. Bridget)
Lighthouse, St. Christopher
Carpenter's square and a spear, Thomas
Winged Creature with the Head of an Ox, Luke
Archangel Gabriel
Flowers, St. Mary
Anchor, St. Clement
Saw, James (the lesser)
Book, St. Bernard
Bible, Paul
Palm Leaf
Shamrock, St. Gerald
Scroll, St. Asaph
Knives, St. Nathaniel
St. Faith
Six Pointed Star, Star of Creation, Star of David
Chi Rho with Alpha and Omega in a Circle
IHS modern form
Eleven Pointed Star, unknown origin
Coat and stones, St. Stephen
Pen, St. Cyril of Alexandria
Winged Creature with a Man's Face, Matthew
Shield of the Trinity
Escallop Shell with Drops of Water
Celtic cross, St. Columba (St. Colum)
Pillar, St. Simeon
Harp, St. Cecilia
Book on Fish, Simon the Zealot
Fylfot, Swastika
Latin Cross
Coat, St. John the Baptist
Aspergillum and cup, St. Martha
Jerusalem Cross, Crusader's Cross
Dragon, St. Margaret
Russian Orthodox Cross
Club and stones, St. Timothy
Rope on cross, St. Julia
King, St. Charles (King Charles I)
Five Pointed Star, Pentacle
Lamb, St. Agnes
Flame of the Holy Ghost
Book, St. Chad
Book, St. Anne
Coat, St. Vincent
Christ's cross, St. Helena (Helen)
Pincers, Dunstan
IHS, St. Monica
Cliff, St. Sylvanus
Pen, St. Hilary of Poitiers
Nimbus (halo)
Four Pointed Star, Bethlehem Star, Epiphany Star
Jesus Christ, Conqueror
Easter Bunny
Archangel Michael
Washing feet, St. Lioba
Dove with Branch
Snail, shell, St. Lydia
Ship, St. Wilfrid (Wilfred)
No More Coat Hangers
Latin Cross, Five Pointed Star, Heart
Hawk, St. Basil
Dog with torch, St. Dominic
Cross on the Rock
Heart, St. Valentine
Baptism of Jesus
Three-Step Cross, Graded Cross