You probably reached this page by using your TAB key to navigate through the previous page, and then you pushed your ENTER key to activate a link. Links to large files are obfuscated on this web site. The desired destination is not activated until you pass over the link with your mouse.

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Only a few links on this site are obfuscated (just links to large files). The rest of the links work with the mouse or via TAB/ENTER navigation.


Users who can't use a mouse due to physical limitations can send email to user 'Gary' at the Gocek dot org domain and I'll help you any way I can.

Why obfuscate?

This web site gets several thousand unique visitors per month, so a sudden increase in the popularity of a large file could blow our hosting service's bandwidth quota. Links to large files are obfuscated to keep those files from being directly indexed by search engines.

The technique is to code the destination of a link to point to this explanation page, and to code the OnMouseOver event of the HTML "A" tag to change the destination when the mouse visits the link. If TAB key navigation is used or if Javascript is disabled, the mouse event never fires and the pointer never changes (and you end up here).