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Freddie's Apples (Jabka) Polka, lyrics.
Written and recorded by Happy Louie

The grammatically correct "jabłka" is sometimes spelled "jabka" for the purposes of this song, possibly some sort of slang. Thanks to Ray (lyrics) and Charles (translation).

Jabłka, Jabłka, wysypalem Jabłka,
Jabka, Jabka, hej czerwone Jabłka...
I spilled/dumped the apples. Hey red apples.

Poslala mnie matka na gore po jabłka,
A ja z gory na pazury, wysypalem jabłka.
Mother sent me to the mountain for apples. And I from the mountain on my nails (figuratively) I dumped the apples.

Jablka wysypalem, potem nic nie mialem,
Tylko prozny koszek byl, jak progu mu przybylem.
I spilled the apples then I didn't have any. There was only an empty basket as I came to the door step.

Mama nie wybila, jak sie dowiedziala,
Ale ja sie zesmial zniej, bo pasu nie miala.
Mother didn't beat me when she found out. I laughed/made fun of her because she didn't have a belt (to beat me with).