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I'm a podcast hoarder. Here are my tips and tricks.
gocek.org's Podroll - Part 1, The Music

- Nightly management, sync'ing hard drive to USB. - Playback in car, on phone, etc. - Keeping current while on the road - True podcasts with RSS/itunes - Podcasts with unusable RSS - Web pages with MP3s - Managing a half dozen commentary podcasts versus managing 150 podcasts, including music, with multiple saved episodes per podcast and arbitrary folders with extra stuff. - Enhancing your collection with YouTube downloads. Figure out how to create a playlist and download the audio all at once. Advanced Podcatching Subscribing to more podcasts than you can listen to Podcatching Basics You think you’re the master of social media, and then one of your friends cracks a joke about some guy named Adnan, and everyone gets the joke but you. You eventually figure out you need to listen to "Serial". It’s pretty cool, and you wonder what you’ll do with all your spare time after you listen to all the episodes. You learn there are a bazillion of these audio shows, called "podcasts". You can't listen to them all, but you install the iTunes app on your smartphone (or any of a bazillion other podcast management apps, known as podcatchers), and your app magically keeps you up to date with a few selected shows. If you're just a little bit geeky, you realize the episodes are all dated and the podcatcher app is adding and removing and streaming episodes automatically, and most audio podcasts don't use a dangerous percentage of your data plan (at least, not as much as the cute cat videos you watch all day when you're supposed to be working). So, you hear Serial and the news and Freakanomics, whatever. But then you find Mountain Stage. That’s not just music commentary, it’s the actual music. You wonder if there are any other music podcasts. There are lots of music podcasts! There are more than you can listen to, for sure, but some days you want oldies, some days you want jazz, some days you want to rock out, so wouldn't it be nice to have them all available when you're in the mood?