Gary and Sue's wedding, August 2, 2003

The following photos are scanned from the proofs from Gary & Sue's wedding photographer.  The proofs are great (your web browser does not do them justice).  If you want a print of anything here, contact Gary.  Our photographer was Kent Divers:
Human Images, 7305A E. Main St., PO Box 263, Lima, NY 14485

* Chris, Sophia / Chris, Susan / Gus / Kat

* Gary breaks up the joint / Gary and Susan recess

* Chris, Susan / Chris, Gina, Sophia, Alex, Adam, Susan, Gary, Eileen / Gina, Eileen, Susan, Sophia

* Greg, Susan, Gary, Dan / Joan, Gary, Susan, Julian

* Gregory, Susan, Gary, Julie

* Chris, Gina / Gabrielle, Chuck, Gretchen / Helen, Susan, Don / Sophia, Bill

* Mary, Nia / The boys at the bar

* The Sue-Tones

* Greeks dancing / More Greeks dancing / Gary and Susan dancing / Bilofskys dancing