Search button help for the Christian Symbols.

Enter a search keyword in the text box, and click the Site Search button. Lower down in the page, the matching images will appear. You might need to scroll your browser page. The results will consist of images and historical notes. Click on an image to see the image in its original size. To see all images in the site database, leave the text box blank and click the button.

The symbols database lists each image with a name, description, keywords and some technical data. The text entered into the search box is compared only against those pre-defined keywords in the database. If your search text matches a keyword, the associated image will appear in the results list.

The Search button is not case sensitive, so cross is the same as CROSS. In most cases, singular forms and plural forms are interchangeable (a search for crosses will match all the images with keyword cross). The full text of the description is not searched. On occasion, you'll get unusual results. For example, a search for children matches Chi Rho because Chi is part of the word children, and Chi happens to be a keyword for the Chi Rho symbols.

Use short search terms. For example, if you search for Faith, you'll get one hit on the symbol for St. Faith, but if you search for Saint Faith, you'll get a hit on every Saint symbol (several dozen).

The links under "Search Shortcuts" perform quick searches for common terms, without typing into the text box.

You can bookmark a search. Let's say you want to come back to that thumbnail of the symbol for St. Faith. At the top of your browser, where you enter the address of the web page, enter:
In other words, whatever you would type into the search text box can be placed after the equals sign. Don't use blank spaces. Once you get to the page you want, you can bookmark it with your browser menus as usual.