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My own articles may go off the deep end, but I have read a wide variety of legitimate material, Protestant and Catholic, apologetic and metaphorical, American and otherwise. Please suggest material you think I should consider.


Missional Texts:

Missionalism is the hot thing in Christianity these days. Define your God and salvation any way you like, but use your gifts to meet the needs you see in the world.

Freedom / Oppression Texts:

Theological texts are biased according to the education and associations of the writers. Roman Catholic texts are, well, Roman Catholic, apologetic texts are apologetic, etc. It is important to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of such associations. Writers are constrained by their sponsors, followers are constrained by their leaders. There are many definitions for oppression.

Religious and atheist web sites:

Most of the writers on these sites appear to be middle-aged or older white males. However, there are a smattering of female and/or younger writers who occasionally whine about being in such a minority.

Personal Creeds on the Web:

To put a personal creed on the Internet exposes the author to the potentially harsh judgment of others. I don't agree with all the points in these creeds, but I respect the authors for their courage. It is appropriate to consider such credal statements to be evergreen.