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The textual content of the 897th/3562nd WWII veteran tribute pages is mostly public domain material from the US Army or other historical sources. Pictures stamped with a name such as "" come from private collections of the veterans, and these are not to be reused without permission. I am always on the lookout for more 897th/3562nd information, and I can share background information not on the web site, so please contact me.

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Download a single picture: Here's what you do, if you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you're using Netscape or a Mac, the operation will be similar.

Find the picture you want to download to your own computer. Most of you reading this note are interested in Christian Symbols . On that page, search for an image to display small-size images (thumbnails), then click on a thumbnail to open a window with the full-size image. You can print this new window. For pictures that are not Christian symbols, simply find the picture you want to download.

If you want to download the image file, position your mouse cursor over the middle of the image. Click and release the right mouse button. You'll get a popup menu. Select "Save Picture As..." ("Save Image As..." in Firefox.). This pops up the Save Picture (Save Image) window that allows you to select a folder into which you'll copy the saved image file. Personally, I like to select Desktop.

Click the Save button on the Save Picture (Save Image) window.
Display a image on your own web page: Here's an example of HTML markup to display a image from the Christian Symbols page on your own page:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

The border=0 attribute removes the ugly blue border that normally accompanies linked images, but the link is still there so that I get credit for your use of my site's bandwidth. If you really wanted to, you could download the image to your own file system and still link the image back to

You can also add something like:
width="125" height="521"
to adjust the size of the displayed image.

The point here is that I pay a host for space and bandwidth, and it's OK to use the images from, but I ask for a link to in return. The link should not affect your own page's appearance.