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See the obfuscation page for info on how email address links are programmed. If you're in our anti-spam "whitelist", your emails to us are always safe, but otherwise, we're deleting (without reading) certain spam-like emails:
- email sent to gocek.com (rather than .org);
- a few blacklisted senders, or emails with no specified sender;
- certain profanity and product keywords;
- emails that require a return receipt.
Send Gary an email without offensive content to request protection for your email address.

gocek General information
gocek I'm a Gocek and I want to retrieve my email.
gocek I'm a Gocek, but I'm not configured on these domains. Can I get an address, too?
gocek The Gocek MIB

General Information

This page has information on the Gocek family Internet domains, web site, and email configuration. We own the three Internet domains "gocek.com", "gocek.net" and "gocek.org".

HosTek site The Gocek domains are hosted by "HosTek" (behind the Oriental Buffet). Their rates are reasonable, their service is personalized and quick, and they offer great services for ministries and non-profits. We also own captainkangaroo.org , served by enom because they are more flexible with respect to URL forwarding. We are not affiliated with the city of Göcek in Turkey.

The domains are not for sale. But hey, make me a big offer.

Retrieving your Gocek email

Due to the way RoadRunner handles spam, our email configuration has become somewhat complicated. Previously, all our domain email was forwarded to our RoadRunner accounts, but RR blocks email that goes through the forwarding servers of some domain providers (because some of them host spammers). The current solution is to subscribe to a hosting package that provides web space and email addresses, assuming that HosTek will never block email from their own servers. Our RoadRunner addresses have been deleted.

You can set up Outlook or Outlook Express to retrieve all your email from all providers, as long as you know your "POP3" server name. We know this for the Gocek domains, and you can get your email from a web browser. College accounts might work the same, but you'll have to find out from your school how to set this up.

* You can get your Gocek domain email (which includes your RR email if we decide to restore an address) using a web browser. I will send you this information by email or tell you over the phone, whatever, but I don't want to post the info here.

You can set up Outlook or Outlook Express to poll any POP3 server. We have a POP3 server for our Gocek domains, but I don't want to post this here. Ask Dad/Gary for help.

We're related, can I get an address, too?

If you are a Gocek or a close relative of a Gocek, and if you're of Polish descent, and might be our cousin, then we might be able to provide you with a Gocek domain email account. Send email to Gary. We do not guarantee that we can help you, and we don't want to get involved with business accounts that would cost you money if there is an interruption. But we might be able to provide an email forwarding address for Goceks.

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