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Nightspell's class on "The Wiccan Rede"
As collected by Shea Thomas

Session Start: Mon July 12,1999
Hawkie:  Merry Meet everyone.  Welcome to #nightspell's class on "The Wiccan Rede".
Hawkie:   Due to the length of the information on each of the Rede's I have decided 
Hawkie:  to break them down into 2 classes.  Next week we will do "The Witches Rede".
Corwin_18:  what is it?
Hawkie:  of Chilvary. Before we get started I would like to ask that everyone please 
Hawkie:  turn off their autogreets, and once class begins to please refrain from asking
Hawkie:  questions till I ask for them.  This will help the class run more smoothly.    
Hawkie:  I have the class broke down into several text files that I will play then will 
Hawkie:  ask for questions at certain points through out the class.  I would also like 
Hawkie:  to ask that everyone try to get on Hebron to help avoid very much lag and splits. 
Hawkie:  We will start the class shortly.  If you do not have a copy of the "Ye Rede", 
Hawkie:  now would be a good time to request it.  Type !Hawkie YeRede.txt
 *** GreyMage changes topic to 'Nightspell's Class Room (Hawkie) Class has started'
Hawkie:  Welcome to #nightclass, #nightspell's classroom.  My nick is Hawkie and I will be conducting
our class on The Wiccan Rede, "Ye Rede".  This is a huge part of our ethics as Wiccans and Pagans.
I will touch lightly on the ethics, GreyMage will be doing a class in the near future on Ethics that will
go much deeper.  The Rede gives us guidelines for our daily lives.  Personally I feel that this transends all traditions.
Hawkie:  Most know "An it harm none, Do what ye will" as The Wiccan Rede.  But there is so much
Hawkie:  more to it than just that one line.  We will take each stanza of "Ye Rede" and go ober the
meaning of each so we will understand more the full meaning of it.
Hawkie:       "THE WICCAN REDE 
Hawkie:         "Bide ye wiccan laws you must, 
Hawkie:             in perfect love and perfect trust: 
Hawkie:          Live ye must and let to live, 
Hawkie:             fairly take and fairly give."
Hawkie:  The first stanza tells us that by the laws we must abide and trust.  
Hawkie:  And for what we take we must also give.  But how do we take the terms
Hawkie:   "In perftect love and perfect trust"?  It should be taken as 
Hawkie:  "Flawless strong affection and Flawless faith".  It doesn't mean that 
Hawkie:  we have to like someone but to be able to see inside to the devine light 
Hawkie:  and love that each of us have inside and that we trust that person to 
Hawkie:  act like a human.  Nothing more, nothing less just human. 
Hawkie:  "Form the circle thrice about 
Hawkie:             to keep unwelcome spirits out 
Hawkie:          To bind your spell will every time, 
Hawkie:             let the spell be spake in rhyme."
Hawkie:  This stanza is pretty self explainatory.  For the circle 3 times to
Hawkie:   keep unwanted spirits out of your ritual space.  And To bind a spell 
Hawkie:  that it should be spoke in rhyme.  If you notice that most spells that 
Hawkie:  we find are written in rhyme.  Any questions now?
ladyoflov:  ?
Hawkie:  yes ladyoflov?
wildmtngrrrl:  Hawkie do spell have to rhyme, or are rhyme spell simply stronger?
Hawkie:  I feel that rhyme is stronger but it doesn't have to be in rhyme
Hawkie:  I think the intent is more important
The_Dagda:  Hawkie
Hawkie:  Yes
ladyoflov:  in the stanza live ye must and let to live fairly take and fairly give what is your interpetation
The_Dagda:  Can you go in death on that First line
The_Dagda:  "Form the circle thrice about 
The_Dagda:  *Deapth
Dream:  I was wondering, hehe
The_Dagda:  :-)
Hawkie:  ok ladyoflov what that means in my opinion is that we can take what is needed but we also should give back.
Goldazar:  rhyme is both an aid memoir and musical therefore utalising their vibrational power
Hawkie:  Dagda not necessarily death.
The_Dagda:  I corrected my self
The_Dagda:  :-)
The_Dagda:  [18:32] The_Dagda:  *Deapth
Hawkie:  Are we ready to move on?
The_Dagda:  No
The_Dagda:  Can you go into Deapth on that First line
The_Dagda:  [18:32] The_Dagda:  *Deapth
Hawkie:  Bide ye Wiccan laws ye must?
ladyoflov:  hawkie okay  that is one way of seeing it that yes we have to give back but what about tough love situations
The_Dagda:  "Form the circle thrice about 
The_Dagda:  That One
Hawkie:  thrice means 3 dagda
Dream:  When you form the circle, you go around it three times, once with the athame, once with the saltwater, and once again with the incense
Hawkie:  Sometimes we have to do tough love.  We as humans can only give so much.
The_Dagda:  Okay Thanks yo
The_Dagda:  u
The_Dagda:  Dream Answerd it
Hawkie:  ok ready to go on now?
* The_Dagda nods
wildmtngrrrl:  dream> sunwise on forming the circle , correct?
Hawkie:  yes
Dream:  Clockwise...
ladyoflov:  and if you are shaman you do it four times
Hawkie:  "Soft of eye and light of touch, 
Hawkie:             speak ye little, listen much 
Hawkie:          Deosil go by the waxing moon, 
Hawkie:             chanting out ye baleful tune."
Hawkie:          Widdershins go by the waning moon,
Hawkie:             chanting out the baleful tune.
Hawkie:  This Stanza tells us that we must be carefull with all that we see, 
Hawkie:  say and touch.  We need to spend more time listening to all the 
Hawkie:  things around us.  Move clockwise (Deosil) by the waxing moon 
ladyoflov:  hawkie i am still waiting for an answer what about the times of tough love
Hawkie:  (1st quarter to the full moon) chanting our chants, spells, song 
Hawkie:  and or rituals.  Being more vocal to the Goddess.  The opposite 
Hawkie:  is true for the go counter-clockwise.
Hawkie:  Sometimes we have to do tough love.  We as humans can only give so much.
Hawkie:  There comes a time when we have to walk away.
The_Dagda:  Hawkie The Copy You have my does not have the last two lines that you just said
Hawkie:  There is a copy at onelist that is corrected.  Sorry about that
Hawkie:           "When ye Lady's moon is new, 
Hawkie:             kiss your hand to her times two 
Hawkie:          When ye moon rides at her peak, 
Hawkie:             then your heart's desire seek."
GreyMage:  oh those are from the WCC version
Dream:  WCC?
GreyMage:  Wiccan Community Council
Hawkie:  At the new moon (1st quarter) kiss your hand to the Goddess twice.  This is a way of 
Hawkie:  paying honor to her.  At the full moon, which is the time of most powerfull magick, 
Hawkie:  seek with it that is that you want.  In magical workings or ritual, remember the moon 
Hawkie:  belongs to the Goddess, Lady, and we must always remember to thank her for all that 
Hawkie:  she does.
Hawkie:  Questions?
wildmtngrrrl:  which hand does one kiss (left or right)
Hawkie:  My feelings are that it depends on which is your sending hand.
Hawkie:  Right handed people would be right
Hawkie:  Left handed would be left.
Goldazar:  nods
The_Dagda:  Sending Hand?
Snow_Leopard:  the hand that you use naturally the most
wildmtngrrrl:  ok thanks.
The_Dagda:  Thanks
Hawkie:  Ok if you are right handed your left hand is the one that you draw into yourself with.
Hawkie:  Your right hand would be your power sending hand.
Hawkie:  and vice a versa if you are left handed.
The_Dagda:  Okay ... Thanks
wildmtngrrrl:  If i feel it to be the other way around should i go w/ that (i think i maybe should have been lefthanded)
Hawkie:  Any more questions?
Hawkie:  Some people work that way wild
wildmtngrrrl:  ok.
Hawkie:  Ready?
The_Dagda:  I am
wildmtngrrrl:  yes.
Hawkie:          Heed the north winds mighty gale, 
Hawkie:             lock the door and trim the sail 
Hawkie:          When the wind comes from the south, 
Hawkie:             love will kiss thee on the mouth 
Hawkie:          When the wind blows from the east, 
Hawkie:             expect the new and set the feast. 
Hawkie:          When the wind blows from the west 
Hawkie:             Bardic words be at their best! 
Dream:  This is one odd version of the Rede...
Hawkie:  These 2 stanzas I chose to discuss together because they deal with the 4 winds 
Hawkie:  which are the quarters.  The quarters are the basics of our rituals.  Each of 
Hawkie:  the quarters stand for each of the elements.  North-Earth, East-Air, South-Fire, 
Hawkie:  West-Water.
Hawkie:  The element of Earth, Alchemical (Salt),Angel (Michael) Hermatic (Steadiness), 
Hawkie:  Magical (Support with the magical symbols offered to learn), Meditation 
Hawkie:  (Purifacation), Metaphysical (Inertia), Astral (To keep silent), Time 
Hawkie:  (Winter solstice, north, feminie,ying,Dec 21st), Animal (Bull), Color 
Hawkie:  (Browns & greens, earth tones), Element (Earth), The (I do), Signs 
Hawkie:  (Taurus,Virgo,capricorn), Mode (Endurance, rule,establishment), Tarot (Discs)
Hawkie:  The element of Air, Alchemical (Azoth),Angel (Uriel), Hermatic ( Development 
Hawkie:  of full consciousness), Magical (Disernment whcih banishes error), Meditation 
Hawkie:  (Concentration), Metaphysical (Time), Astral (To Dare), Time (Fall equinox, 
Hawkie:  west,masculine,yang,Sept 23rd), Animal (Man), Color (Sky blue, Lavender), 
Hawkie:  Element (Air), The (I think), Signs (Gemini, Libra,Aquarius), Mode (Intellect, 
Hawkie:  Illusion), Tarot (Swords)
Hawkie:  The element of Water, Alchemical (Mercury),Angel (Gabriel), Hermatic (Understanding
Hawkie:   of surrounding conditions), Magical (Sourse of divine insperation), Meditation 
Hawkie:  (Insight), Metaphysical (Space), Astral (To Know),Time (Summer Solstice, east,
Hawkie:  feminine, ying, June 21st), Animal (Eagle), Color (Blue & water tones), The (I feel),
Hawkie:   Signs (Cancer,Scorpio, Piscies), Mode (Emotions, Imagination), Tarot (Cups)
Hawkie:  The element of Fire, Alchemical (Sulfur),Angel (Raphael), Hermetic(Depth of Prayer,
Hawkie:   any form of concentration), Magical (Power of command), Meditation (transformation),
Hawkie:   Metaphysical (Kinetic), Astral (to desire),  Time (Spring equinox, south, masculine,
Hawkie:   yang, March 21st), Animal (Lion), Color (reds, fire tones), The (I want), Signs 
Hawkie:  (Aries, Leo,Sagittaris), Mode ( instict, intuition), Tarot (Wands)
Hawkie:  Akasha is the fifth element, (GODDESS & GOD) the omnipresent spiritual power that 
Hawkie:  permeates the universe.  It is the energy out of which the Elements Earth, Air,
Hawkie:   Fire, Water, are formed.
Hawkie:  Although the stanza doesn't speak of Akasha it is ever present.
Hawkie:  Questions?  
The_Dagda:  Yes
Hawkie:  Shoot
The_Dagda:  Okay Hold on
* GreyMage girds his loins
Hawkie:  Doc can you cover me for a few.  Gotta run for the girls room.
GreyMage:  ok
The_Dagda:  Why is the Time for Earth Winter solstice when Dec is a Fire Month
GreyMage:  Dec is when the sun god is reborn at Yule
The_Dagda:  And I read that Yule Can Very From the 22 to 20th
GreyMage:  true
Goldazar:  Capricorn covers the Winter Solstice
GreyMage:  it is the winter equinox
The_Dagda:  Okay I think i get it
* The_Dagda is takeing notes
GreyMage:  solsctice sorrry
GreyMage:  the sun god is reborn at this time because he is concieve  feb 2nd
wildmtngrrrl:  I find the Tarot correspondence a little confusing,(maybe that will get covered in a future tarot class??)
GreyMage:  we will get into the wheel of the year at a later time...along with the holidays
GreyMage:  yes wild
wildmtngrrrl:  ok.thanks:)
GreyMage:  we have a whole class on associations which lead into divination and the tarot
Hawkie:  Thanks Doc
The_Dagda:  thanks grey
Hawkie:  Are we ready to move on?
wildmtngrrrl:  yes.
UrsaLuna:  how is it that one can feel bound toan eliment that is not of ones sign ?
The_Dagda:  What Planet Is Dec. Ruled by?
GreyMage:  that leads to astrology depends oh the house and rising signs at the time of your birth
Hawkie:  That is one I am not sure of as I am a scorpio and should be water element but I am an Air element
The_Dagda:  ?
TheMagdala:  I feel drawn to water...probably because there is a SERIOUS lack of water in my chart...I need it for balance
Goldazar:  the eagal is also a secondary sign for Scorpio
Goldazar:  as is the Lizard
Hawkie:  Are we ready to move on?
The_Dagda:  What Planet Is Dec. Ruled by?
Snow_Leopard:  Jupiter
The_Dagda:  okay thank
Hawkie:         "Nine woods in the cauldron go, 
Hawkie:             burn them fast and burn them slow 
Hawkie:          Elder be ye Lady's tree, 
Hawkie:             burn it not or cursed ye'll be."
Hawkie:  This Stanza deals with the Sacred trees of the Celtics and Druids.
Hawkie:  The 9 woods are Oak, apple, ash, birch, hawthorn, willow, holly, hazel, and alder.
Hawkie:  Oak-Keyword:Protection -Color:Dark Brown and Black- Animal:White Horse, Lion and
Hawkie:   Salamander -Tree Month: June 10-July7.  Oaks have been sacred trees to many civilizations.
Hawkie:    At one point it was thought that the druids and bards gained inspiration by eating acorns.
Hawkie:    Oak groves were reguarded as sacred places by the druids, who preached and taught under
Hawkie:   their spreading branches.  Oaks grow slowly, finally becoming the Kings of the forest.
Hawkie:    The Challenge: To be strong and stand up for yourself and what you believe is right.
Hawkie:  Apple- Keyword:Beauty -Color:Green -Animal: Unicorn -Tree Month: Sept 2-29.  Apple is related
Hawkie:   to Avalon, the "Isle of Apples".  In the Welsh poem "Abellenau", Merlin told his lord of a 
Hawkie:  secret magical orchard. If an apple is cut crosswise, the pips (seeds) can be seen housed inside
Hawkie:   the pentagram.  Apple tells us we should seek beauty and perfection in everything we do.
Hawkie:    Live life to its fullest and make the most of every opportunity.  But always evaluate things
Hawkie:   carefully before acting.  The Challenge: To make the right choice from a group of options.
Hawkie:  Ash- Keyword:Peace -Color:clear green -Animal:Snake -Tree Month April 15-May 12.  Ash has always
Hawkie:   been reguarded as a magickal tree.  Celtic cosmology emcompasses it in all 3 worlds of existance,
Hawkie:   linking this world with the Otherworlds.  Traditionally the staff is made from Ash.  The challenge:
Hawkie:    To realize that things are not always what the seem.  We ust continually strive to become the best
Hawkie:   that we are capable of being.
Hawkie:  Birch- Keyword:Beginnings - Color:White -Animal:Cow -Tree Month: Dec24-Jan20.  The Birch represents the Otherworld.
Hawkie:    It protects women from being taken to the Otherworld.  Maypoles are traditionally made of Birch.  Festival fires
Hawkie:   were usually Oak, but Birch was used for kindling at Beltaine.  The Challenge:  Mastering life in a state of Flux.
Hawkie:    This change could relate to travel.
Hawkie:  Hawthorn- Keyword:Restraint -Color:Purple -Animal:Goat and Dragon -Tree Month: May13-June9.  Hawthorn
Hawkie:   is supposed to brin badluck to anyone who cuts it down.  Traditionally it meant the death of one's 
Hawkie:  children or livestock, or financial ruin.  Hawthorne relates to 2 completely opposites of sexuality
Hawkie:   - abstinence and excess.  Hawthorns can live up to 400 years and were believed to be the dwelling 
Hawkie:  places of the Fairie Folk.  The Challenge: To be patient and to make proper plans before procedding.
Hawkie:         "Make haste slowly."
Snortch:  Alder and elder are different?
Goldazar:  yes
Hawkie:  Willow- Keyword:Intuition -Color: Sorcha, Fiery -Animal:Hare and Cat -Tree Month March18-April14.
Hawkie:   The Willow represents the subconscious, feminine, and mystical side of human natures.  Willow 
Hawkie:  relates to the moon and fertility.  The Celts believed that the human spine was made from the willow.
Hawkie:    Related to intuition, creativity and imagination.  It's powers are most powerfull when the moon is 
Hawkie:  out.  It can sometimes relate to self deception.  it is an indication that someone not yet known to 
Hawkie:  you (Most likely a woman) will teach you something you need to know.  The Challenge: Not to ignore 
Hawkie:  he intuitive and spiritual side of your nature.
Hawkie:  Holly- Keyword:Balance - Color:Dark Grey - Animal:War Horse -Tree Month:July8-Aug4.  Holly is the 
Hawkie:  holy tree of Christianity, as its thorns are symbols of the crown worn by Christ.  Traditionally.
Hawkie:   holly was planted close to the house to protect them from lightening and Thunder.  Holly relates
Hawkie:   to balance, fair play, and right overcoming wrong.  It is a sign of justice and gives strength 
Hawkie:  and power.  If your cause is right you will ultimately succeed.  The Challenge: To find a suitable
Hawkie:   goal for yourself.  You may have lack of direction, or be unequiped for the task at hand.
Hawkie:  Hazel- Keyword:Intuition - Color: Brown - Animal:Salmon - Tree Month:Aug5-Sept1.  aengus,
Hawkie:   the Celtic God of Love, carried a Hazel Wand, and this tradition passed on to many druids
Hawkie:   and even bishops of the early Christian Church.  As late as the 18th century people would 
Hawkie:  use twigs of hazel to keep the witches away.  It represents creativity, poetry, divination,
Hawkie:   and meditation.  The creativity can either be a catalyst to inspire others or yourself.  
Hawkie:  It indicates learning and the start of knowledge and wisdome.  The Challenge: You may tend
Hawkie:   to ignore your intuitive side and block your creativity.  Other blockages could be caused
Hawkie:   by subconscious fears of failure.
Hawkie:  Adler- Keyword:Strength -Color:Crimson -Animal:Red Fox, Ram, and Stallion - 
Hawkie:  Tree Month:Feb.18-March17.  Alder takes longer to rot than virtually any tree.  It was used
Hawkie:   for water wheels, canal gates and any purpose where it would be in contact with water.
Hawkie:    Alder was the sacred tree of Bran, the Celtic god-king, whose head was finally buried where
Hawkie:   the Tower of London was later built, after being an oracle for many years.  Alder is a white
Hawkie:   wood, but its sap is red, giving it fiery energy.  This energy gives physical and moral 
Hawkie:  strength.  It's an indication to remain true to oneself and not to be compromised.  The danger
Hawkie:   is that you may become stubborn and resistant to change.  The challenge: To know when to move
Hawkie:   forward and when to consolidate.
Hawkie:  Elder-The Lady's Tree -Keyword:Change -Color:Blood Red -Animal:Badger.  The Elder is the tree
Hawkie:   of regeneration.  Damaged branches quickly regrow and will easily root from any part.  elder
Hawkie:   was reguarded as a gairie tree and before anything was taken one would ask the tree spirit's
Hawkie:   permission.  Also believed if an Elder tree were destroyed the faeries would leave the farmers
Hawkie:   protperty.  Branches could be removed but the tree was never cut down.  The Challenge: To come
Hawkie:   to terms with the necessity for change.
Hawkie:  Questions?
The_Dagda:  I was looking .. but what tree would fall under Dec 20
Snortch:  What color is "sorcha"?
Hawkie:  I believe it is a bright red
Hawkie:  Hang on Dagda I will look
The_Dagda:  Thanks
wildmtngrrrl:  If a HAwthorn can't be cut down, is it ok to move/transplant one?
Hawkie:  Reed Dagda
The_Dagda:  okay
Hawkie:  According to legend you would have to ask the tree spirit
wildmtngrrrl:  ok.
Hawkie:  Any more questions?
Hawkie:         "When the wheel begins to turn, 
Hawkie:             soon ye Beltane fires will burn 
Hawkie:          When the wheel hath turned a Yule 
Hawkie:             light the log the Horned One rules."
Hawkie:  The wheel in this stanza refers to the wheel of life.  Which revolves around
Hawkie:   the year and our Sabbats.  A later class will cover all of our Sabbats and 
Hawkie:  Esbats.  For the sake of time, here we will deal directly with the 2 mentiond
Hawkie:   in the above stanza.  Beltain is the time of our Summer Solstice which marks
Hawkie:   summer's midpoint.  The longest day of the year and the shortest night.  It 
Hawkie:  is 180 degrees around the whell from Yule.  The 2 main icons of this holiday
Hawkie:   are the spear (symbol of the Sun_God  in his glory) and the summer cauldron
Hawkie:   (symbol of the Goddess in her bounty).  It is customary to have bonfires burn
Hawkie:   all night on Beltaine.
Hawkie:  Yule is the Winter Solstice-Longest night and shortest day of the year.  It is
Hawkie:   the birthday of the new Sun_King.  On this darkest night, the Goddess becomes
Hawkie:   the Great Mother and gives birth again.  The Yule log is the center of the 
Hawkie:  celebrations.  It is Ash and lighted on the eve of the solstice and must be 
Hawkie:  kept burning for 12 hours for good luck.  Evergreen, Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe
Hawkie:   are important planst of the season.  All symbolize fertility and everlasting 
Hawkie:  life.  We must remember the Wheel of Life is always turning.  
Hawkie:         "Heed ye flower, bush and tree, 
Hawkie:             by the Lady blessed be 
Hawkie:          Where the rippling waters go, 
Hawkie:             cast a stone, the truth ye'll know."
Hawkie:  The first line of this stanza deals with herbalism.  It is the ancient lore
Hawkie:   of the wise men and women who lived in harmon with the Earth eons ago.
Hawkie:    Today it has been revived as people want to live natural and healthy lives.
Hawkie:    It is an easy and enjoyable way for finding your Earth-Roots, and gaining 
Hawkie:  the power that is inherent in the Goddess and Nature itself.  Also in this 
Hawkie:  we can include kitchen magick.  Kitchen Magick is and important part of our
Hawkie:   everyday lives, especially mothers.  It is like the making of chicken soup
Hawkie:   when someone is sick.  That is where some of our best magick comes from.  
Hawkie:  Also here we can include Aroma Therapy...Gee isn't this a new thing!  
Hawkie:  Also the use of Candle Magick.  The next part of the stanza deals with 
Hawkie:  divination.  There are many types of divination.  There is Tarrot card, Runes,
Hawkie:   Water Scrying, Fire Scrying, Palmistry, Numerology, Reading Tea Leaves, 
Hawkie:  Astrology, I Ching, and many more.  We can use any or all forms to find the
Hawkie:   truth in what we seek.  It is a gift that the Goddess and God have given us.
Hawkie:    But remember it is up to us to decide how to use them.
Hawkie:  Questions?
Hawkie:         "When ye have and hold a need, 
Hawkie:             harken not to others greed 
Hawkie:          With a fool no season spend, 
Hawkie:             or be counted as his friend."
Hawkie:  This stanza isn't hard to read into.  It is basically telling us that when
Hawkie:   we have a need not to let greed get in our way.  We should never ask for 
Hawkie:  more than what we need, otherwise we are being greedy.
Hawkie:  The 2nd part of this stanza helps us realize that it is ok to be nice to 
Hawkie:  someone which we always should but when you know this person isn't going
Hawkie:   to change then we need to break away or otherwise we are looked upon just
The_Dagda:  I hate to go AFK in the Middle of a Class but I have to ... BrB
Hawkie:   as he/she is looked upon by others.  We are always counted by the company
Hawkie:   we keep.
Hawkie:         "Merry meet and merry part, 
Hawkie:             bright the cheeks and warm the heart. 
Hawkie:          Mind ye threefold law ye should 
Hawkie:             three times bad and three times good.
Hawkie:  	Except in self-defense it be,
Hawkie:  	   then never mind The Rule Of Three!
Hawkie:  This stanza lets us know that we should always try to be nice and cheerful.  
Hawkie:  It does warm ones heart to be around a cheerfull person.  And we as Wiccans/Pagans
Hawkie:   should try to put forth the effort to be more cheerfull.  Granted we take
Hawkie:   alot of heat for our beliefs but if we let those who persecute us turn our 
Hawkie:  hearts dark then we have truely lost the battle then.
Hawkie:  The 2nd part of this stanza reminds us of the 3 fold law.  For every good dead
Hawkie:   we do we will be repayed in good 3 times over.  But for every bad thing we do
Hawkie:   we will be repayed 3 times bad.  But when the need arises for self-defense, the
Hawkie:   rule of 3 doesn't apply.
Hawkie:         "When misfortune is enow, 
Hawkie:             wear the star upon thy brow 
Hawkie:          True in love ye ever be, 
Hawkie:             lest thy love be false to thee."
Snortch:  Never seen that line in a rede before...
Hawkie:  No matter who we are or our station in life, we will always suffer misfortune.  
Hawkie:  It comes in many styles and forms.  And when it does happen to us we MUST keep
Hawkie:   our faith.  It is one of the few things that will stay with us.  Although it
Hawkie:  is easy to question ones faith if we stand by it, faith will stand by us.
Hawkie:  The 2nd part deals in love.  We have all been hurt by love at some point in 
Hawkie:  time, or will be hurt by love.  We must also keep faith that the Goddess and
Hawkie:   God love us unconditionally and that true love is out there.  It may not be
Hawkie:   with a specific person but through our faith we have that love.
Hawkie:  Questions?
Hawkie:  Dream that comes from the WCC
Snortch:  Yeah, this is a totally different version thatn I've seen before.
Hawkie:  Not so different just a few more lines added.
GreyMage:  I will play the wcc in toto after classs
Snortch:  in toto?
The_Dagda:  man!!
GreyMage:  total
GreyMage:  go on Hawkie
Hawkie:          "Bide ye wiccan laws you must, 
Hawkie:             in perfect love and perfect trust: 
Hawkie:          These eight words the wiccan rede fulfill; 
Hawkie:             An harm ye none, do what ye will."
Hawkie:  Ok this takes us back to the very first stanza that we discussed earlier.  
Hawkie:  The 2nd part tells us the means we must take to achieve our goals.  
Hawkie:  What is the reason for the line "An Harm none, do what ye will"?  It is 
Hawkie:  to make us think before we act.  We MUST take responsibility for all we do.
Hawkie:    For every action there is a an equal reaction.  Take the line "An harm
Hawkie:   none,".  By coming first it tells us to consider what actions we take.  
Hawkie:  By those actions will we intentionally or unintentionally cause harm to 
Hawkie:  another?  And if it will, is it justifiable?  Remember the 3 fold law.  
Hawkie:  What we send out comes back 3 fold to us.  As we must also remember that
Hawkie:   once something is said, we can appologize for it.  But, it can never be
Hawkie:   taken back and therefore will always be there.
Goldazar:  very true Hawkie
Hawkie:  Now let's consider the 2nd part of the statement, "Do what ye will."  
Hawkie:  Without the "An harm none," it would be an open invitations for total 
Hawkie:  chaos.  To accomplish "Real" magick and "Real" goals we MUST take 
Hawkie:  responsibility for what we do.  And that is what "The Wiccan Rede" 
Hawkie:  is telling us...Think long and hard before you take ANY action.  
Hawkie:  Also be prepared for the consequences that follow that action. 
Hawkie:  The statement, "I didn't think or know that would happen.", doesn't 
Hawkie:  work for us.  That is why we as Wiccan/Pagans must follow the rede.
Hawkie:  Questions?
GreyMage:  ok here is the rede
GreyMage:      The Wiccan Rede (WCC)
GreyMage:  Bide ye Wiccan laws ye must,
GreyMage:  in perfect love and perfect trust
GreyMage:       Live ye must and let to live,
GreyMage:       fairly take and fairly give
GreyMage:  Form the circle thrice about,
GreyMage:  to keep unwelcome spirits out
GreyMage:       To bind the spell well every time,
GreyMage:       let the spell be spake in rhyme
GreyMage:  Soft of eye and light of touch,
GreyMage:  speak ye little, listen much
GreyMage:       Deosil go by the waxing moon,
GreyMage:       sing and dance the Wiccan rune
GreyMage:  Widdershins go by the waning moon,
GreyMage:  chanting out the baleful tune
GreyMage:       When the Lady's moon is new,
GreyMage:       kiss the hand to her times two
GreyMage:  When the moon rides at Her peak,
GreyMage:  then the heart's desire seek
GreyMage:       Heed the north wind's mighty gale,
GreyMage:       lock the door and trim the sail
GreyMage:  When the wind comes from the south,
GreyMage:  love will kiss kiss thee on the mouth
GreyMage:       When the wind blows from the west,
GreyMage:       departed souls will have no rest
GreyMage:  When the wind blows from the east,
GreyMage:  expect the new and set the feast
GreyMage:       Nine woods in the cauldron go,
GreyMage:       burn them quick and burn them slow
GreyMage:  Elder be the Lady's tree,
GreyMage:  burn it not or cursed you'll be
GreyMage:       When the wheel begins to turn,
GreyMage:       soon the Beltain fires will burn
GreyMage:  When the wheel has turned to Yule,
GreyMage:  light the log the Horned One rules
GreyMage:       Heed ye flower, bush and tree,
GreyMage:       by the Lady blessed be
GreyMage:  Where the rippling waters flow,
GreyMage:  cast a stone and the truth you'll know
GreyMage:       When you have and hold a need,
GreyMage:       hearken not to others' greed
GreyMage:  With a fool no season spend,
GreyMage:  nor be counted as his friend
GreyMage:       Merry meet and merry part,
GreyMage:       bright the cheeks and warm the heart
GreyMage:  Mind the threefold law ye should,
GreyMage:  three times bad and three times good
GreyMage:       Except in self-defense it be,
GreyMage:       Then ever mind The Rule Of Three!
GreyMage:  When misfortune is anow,
GreyMage:  ear the star upon thy brow
GreyMage:       True in love you must ever be,
GreyMage:       lest thy love be false to thee
GreyMage:  These eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,
GreyMage:  An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will
GreyMage:  Courtesy is Owed; Respect is Earned; Love is Given
GreyMage:  May the Love of the Lady be always in your heart!
The_Dagda:  Woooo
Hawkie:  I would like to thank everyone for bearing with me while I pasted everything.
GreyMage:  the dance of the Wiccan rune is the spiral dance
Goldazar:  :)
GreyMage:  the in and out dance of the wheel of life
LadyIsina:  :)
Snortch:  Ah, ok...gottit
Hawkie:  Next week we will cover "The Witches Rede of Chilvary"  A copy is on the shared information section of our Onelist site.