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Spake In Rhyme...
As researched by Shea Thomas

Rhyming is one of several means by which magick-workers raise power, focus intent, and add to the impact of spoken spells. Used to reach subconscious energies not readily available to the conscious mind, rhyme and chant can also serve as a concise teaching tool, a more sympathetic vehicle for corresponding with natural cycles, and (as in a group ritual) a seamless way to coordinate the energies of multiple participants. In fact, the very act of creating a rhyme or chant could be seen as a useful aspect of ritual preparation.

As the Rede itself demonstrates, poetic rhyming can also help codify a narrative. Oral epics, including Homer's Iliad, often use the mnemonic character of rhyme, song, and chant as both dramatic form and practical device for encouraging narrative integrity by creating (through rhyme) an easier way to remember a narrative as it is passed from one generation to the next.