Gocek family contact information

You can contact Gary by email and he'll put you in touch with the rest of the family.

We're gradually weaning ourselves from our copper landline to using only our cell phones. We use a Bluetooth enabled AT&T EP3652 cordless phone system. This cool base unit pairs with our cell phones and also connects to the landline, and we can make and receive calls on comfortable handsets around the house through either the landline or cell accounts. The cell phones need to be powered up, but the Bluetooth connection seems to work from anywhere in the house. We skipped the whole VoIP thing entirely. VoIP plans are typically cheaper than cell plans, but we're going to have some sort of cell phone plan no matter what, so why have a home phone? Bluetooth lets us use our cell phones as if they're home phones.

No matter what you say about your experiences during your most recent power failure, copper landlines are more reliable than the cell and VoIP infrastructures, especially in the case of severe weather like ice storms that knock out power for days, making it difficult to keep the cell phones charged up. So, for right now, we maintain a "metered line" landline plan and try to never make outgoing calls on that (not even local). But you can call us on the landline, and you pay for the call, and it doesn't use our cell minutes.